Scrumptious Rings by The Fast Food Mogul – BK

Burger King is rounding out its chicken lineup with a new version of its popular cult-nugget knockoff- the chicken fry.

Chicken Fries Rings are ring-shaped nuggets, made with all white meat chicken and coated in a lightly spiced, crispy breading.

“It looks like an onion ring but it tastes like, well, chicken.”

A survey was conducted in The United States regarding the introduction of the chicken rings, the tasters thought:

When it comes to bite sized poultry offerings, we’ve got nuggets, fries, ovals, and even dinosaurs—so do we really need a ring?

The Whopper chain says rings “are the optimal shape for dipping.” We were skeptical but once the breaded bites got into the hands of some younger tasters, we started to see the rationale behind the new shape.

The reactions and thoughts of the tasters can be seen in the following video


In the survey, one elementary-school aged girl said “I like it cause it’s easier to hold and dip.”

Another young taster said “I just like circles,” who seemed impressed with the novelty of a ring of breaded meat.

Burger King’s Chicken Fries were resurrected in 2014 due to their cult-like following. The chain followed that up with a spicy version– that failed to bring the heat for our tasters– last year.

Tasters were impressed that beneath the breading, you can really tell you’re eating chicken– not just pink slime or mechanically separated meat. And while not everyone cared about the actual shape, the novelty of something new usually gets your attention.

“Even just changing things up once every in awhile gets people more interested in buying a new product. You get tired of seeing the same old thing,” said one taster who said she preferred the ring to traditionally-shaped nuggets.

Despite the novelty shape, Chicken Fries Rings aren’t actually the first rounded chicken nugget to hit the market.

White Castle has been serving their own Chicken Rings since the early 1990s. They even experimented with Ranch and Tabasco flavored varieties in 2006.

But Burger King, which has over 14,000 locations around the world runs circles—we couldn’t help ourselves—around White Castle’s 400 domestic stores.

And to keep up with the ongoing rock-bottom fast food price battle, the chain is also bringing back its 10 nugget deal for just $1.49. But all chicken is pretty cheap these days. Six chicken rings go for $2.89.

Would you take Burger King’s Chicken Fries Rings for a spin?

The leading fast food chain made another big move late last year, it is taking over Tim Hortons a Canadian donut and coffee shop.



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